Hey skin freaks,

I’m Barbara and ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with skincare. While others were drinking coffee, binging on favorite shows, diligently doing squats to tone their bums (don’t get me wrong, I did those things too), I spent most of my free time reading about skincare, products, studies conducted all over the world, followed well-known and respected dermatologists, and absorbed their content.

I can proudly say that there isn’t much about skincare I don’t know. I hope I can offer you valuable and useful information. And since you’re reading this blog chances are you’re a skincare aficionado yourself. 😜

I think Sephora is heaven on earth. (imagine the sound of heaven music now)

Back in the early 90s is when my obsession with skincare began. I was still a teenager then and had perfect baby-soft smooth skin.

Yes, I was lucky I never had puberty acne, but the payback came during my pregnancy. So nothing to be jealous about haha. When everyone’s complexion brightens and they look better than ever, I had moon craters on my face. Painful ones!

Although I am not a dermatologist, and what I write is not medical advice, I have read, studied, listened to, and watched SO much about skincare that I certainly have more than average knowledge about it.

To the extent that my friends, and even just acquaintances, call ME to ask for advice on a product or what to use in certain situations.

That’s how I came up with the idea to start writing this blog in order to help as many people and save YOU time on research and study.

Of course, we all have specific needs and different skin types. Therefore, I will try to write about topics that will cover various areas of skin care.

And so, check this blog regularly for new tips, subscribe to the newsletter… because I publish a new post every week. But mostly, because your skin will thank you!

I invite you to comment, ask, and share your experiences. Please be polite and respect each other when doing so. With so much negativity around us, this should be a place of leisure, fun, and learning. Not another place where someone will vent their frustrations, troll, or just be mean. Don’t be that bitch!

Thanks and happy reading

P.S. It would be helpful to include your skin type and age range in the comments to help other readers with your experience. I.e. “dry and sensitive skin/early 20’s”, “oily skin/late 50’s”, etc. Deep bow!